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HydraMouse 3.10

HydraMouse 3.10: Assign actions to the buttons of your mouse, even if it has more than 5 buttons! mouse. It is the only program in the world which can work not only with mice with up to 5 buttons, but also with many models of multi-button mice. Key features of HydraMouse: * You can assign actions such as hotkeys, some of more than 100 HydraMouse`s predefined actions, or macros in the form of: Alt+F, U, Wait 50 ms, TAB, Enter... * You can assign actions to mouse buttons, combinations of mouse buttons, combinations of keyboard keys and mouse buttons

Dmouse 1.0.0: Dmouse allows easy switching of the left and right mouse buttons.
Dmouse 1.0.0

mouse buttons to allow right-click menus. When the application is in "Switchback mode", it automatically switches back to the prior setting. This is useful for a quick "right-click" on Touch Screen monitors. No keyboard or mouse are needed. Dmouse for Home Users is FREEWARE. Freeware means that you have a license to use Dmouse without limitation in your own home. Dmouse for Schools, Businesses, and Organizations is SHAREWARE... Shareware means that

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BabyMouse and BabyBoard 3.30

mouse button and all these menus pop up or your windows starts scrolling all of a sudden! Block unwanted right mouse click menus, wheel scrolls windows keys, etc BabyMouse is a tool which runs in the background and catches all right clicks, wheel scrolls before they reach the program you are working with. Merge all mouse buttons to one! Run the program, let the kids do their stuff and click on the icon in the systray to restore your (normal) mouse

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AutoHotkey Macros: Automate almost anything. Hotkeys: Keyboard, mouse, and joystick.

mouse, joystick, and handheld remote controls. Virtually any key, button, or combination can become a hotkey. Similarly, you can define abbreviations that expand as you type them. For example, typing "btw" can automatically produce "by the way". Finally, you can create your own applications and menu bars using standard controls like buttons, checkboxes, list-views, and tree-views. Other features: remap keys; change soundcard settings (like volume

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ClickAndHide 1.1: Quickly hides your secret programs and games
ClickAndHide 1.1

mouse buttons simultaneously. The applications are not just minimized…they are made completely invisible. No more minimizing applications, turning off the monitor, or re-booting when someone enters your office or cubicle. With a simple click of the left+right mouse buttons simultaneously, you can instantly hide the current window, hide all open windows, or hide all open windows except certain windows. When they leave your office, simply click the

computer privacy, desktop cloaking software, privacy software

Key Manager 1.9: Key, mouse button and key combination remapper and action assigner
Key Manager 1.9

mouse button presses, the mouse wheel rotation, combinations with modifiers, as well as popup menu items: - show a popup menu with a list of user-defined actions - paste user-defined text to any application with an option to insert current time, date and other information from a template - press and block keys, key combinations, press mouse buttons and emulate mouse wheel rotation - launch any application or open a file or a folder (to create an

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XP Web Buttons 3.52: Create superior XP and Vista-style web buttons and menus in just a few clicks!
XP Web Buttons 3.52

buttons are fully customizable, they react to mouseover and mousedown events, support any XP and Vista themes, font face, font style, shadows, icons, alignment, links, targets, tooltips and more. Creating professional high-quality web buttons is extremely easy with XP Web Buttons. Once XP Web Buttons is installed you`ll be making buttons for your web site quickly and easily: no programming or drawing skills required. Each parameter of a button may

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